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Time for chicken soup!

The temperature has dropped and the leaves are turning in color. Jackets are pulled out of closets and pants have replaced shorts. Nothing shouts “It’s Fall!” to me more so than chicken soup. I wrote about chicken soup awhile ago so I thought it fitting to repost.

This post was originally written on March 7, 2011.


About 3 times a year we travel to visit my in-laws for a few days. To make it easy on everyone, we all typically eat out for dinner, except on the first night of our stay. It’s been a long drive and everyone’s a bit tired, so my mother-in-law, Jane, makes a simple dinner in. Sometimes it’s lasagna, other times it’s pizza. The last few times we’ve been down she made us chicken soup, probably because of how much I rave about how yummy it is! I finally remembered to ask her for the recipe and I’ve since made it several times.

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This has by far been the worst summer for me when it comes to feeding my family healthy food. We are traveling a lot – fast food galore. I battle fatigue and hot flashes every evening – slaving over a hot stove? Hah!

I’m sure a warm evening in general is tough for most moms, which is why I feel compelled to spread the love of an easy meal. My family and I enjoy breakfast for dinner every Wednesday. While breakfast hasn’t gotten “old”, waffles have. At least, they have for me. And since I’m the cook, that means I get to change things up a bit.

Enter in: French toast

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