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Stocking up at Joe’s

I had a few hours with just one kid this morning so I took the opportunity to drive out to visit Joe. It was a good visit, as expected. One apple kept L occupied the entire time while I perused the aisles, enjoying all the new goodies that weren’t there a month ago.

That’s about how often I get to visit Joe. Trader Joe’s, that is. For the most part I don’t mind the monthly visit to Joe, except for the small carts. I end up with an overflowing cart and am pretty convinced that people must think I’m feeding a small army along with my little guy in the front seat.

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If you’re going to be out and about with children in the near future, allow me to share some wisdom that came to me at the Target store today. Let’s begin.


Stop at the local pet store with your kids before embarking on the “have to’s” of your outing. The joy in their step, the sounds of amazement in their voice and the awe in their eyes will be what you need to cling to for the remainder of the morning.


Get a single bag of freshly popped popcorn if your Target store sells it. The popcorn will be delightfully shared by all who are touching your particular cart. Continue reading

Thrifty finds

I love the idea of saving when I shop.
I love the idea of only shopping for what I need rather than what I want.
I love the idea of hunting for a specific item rather than settling for the cheap and easy find.

Problem is, I stink at all 3 of those disciplines (or are they talents, gifts?)

I have friends who excel at them. I have a friend who can find a bargain in 30 seconds or less when walking through the same store at the same time I am.

I have a friend who rarely shops. You can tell. Her home is practically clutter-free and everything has its place. She doesn’t have children yet, but still, I’m impressed.

And yes, I have a friend who knows what she wants, hunts for it online or hits the pavement and even if it takes her months she won’t settle until she’s found exactly what she’s looking for.

I call these people “thrifty.” Some might call them picky.

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