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So gray is this day

Chilly feet
grab the robe
darkness invades
and the questions begin

Where is the sun
and why is it still night
why is it cold
why still so dark

An afternoon with quiet rest
birds searching for food
leaves continue to drop
clouds still threaten

So gray is this day
will the sun be here soon
will tomorrow bring rain
or more gray once again

So gray is this day


Break out the shorts

Snow present in 49 of the 50 U.S. states

First, my apologies to those who are experiencing traditional February weather, wherever that may be. If you live anywhere east of the Colorado Rockies, then I can only assume it’s not just a typical February day for you.

It’s much, much worse. Continue reading

Spring’s arrival

~ bird calls filling the air

~ green leafy buds on the tree in the backyard

~ the song of the local ice cream truck as it roams the neighborhood

~ voices of neighbors in their backyards

~ Sebastian the cat roaming from one sun-filled space in the house to another

~ windows thrown open to welcome in the fresh air

~ a cool evening that requires a light sweater instead of wrapping up in a blanket

~ the joy of sending my boys on a walk with their dad when he’s home from work since the sun is up until their bedtime

~ watching a new bird family lay claim to the bird house hanging in the big tree out back

~ the anticipation of family dinners on the patio

~ weekends spent doing yardwork rather than housework

~ neighbors reacquainting with each other as though coming out of a deep winter’s sleep

Welcome Spring ~ we’ve missed you!

Be careful

Sometimes you get what you wish for.

If you were with me at the beginning of this blog, then you know I talked a lot about the weather – mainly because we weren’t having any! Well, we were, but somehow sunshine doesn’t constitute as “weather” to me.

I lived in the desert for over 15 years, so when we moved to Northern California, I was hoping for a change of pace. Namely, RAIN.

For the first 2 years we lived here I think we had less than 10 episodes of rain, if you could call it that. I couldn’t believe how dry it was here, considering Las Vegas had a monsoon season every summer! It was frustrating and oh, how I would dream of rainy days. Continue reading

False alarm

This post should be backdated to about 10 minutes after my last post….

because “rain” isn’t exactly what fell from the sky. Technically, it was moisture. But within minutes it was back to just gray skies & a very dry ground. I was severely disappointed, to say the LEAST.

And for a quick update on my first-ever garden (in case all 3 of my readers were wondering), it sure looked good, but overall I wouldn’t exactly call it a “success.”

Except for the cucumbers & a few tomatoes, nothing much really tasted good. And what is the point of doing the manual labor, being consistent in the watering process, trimming, weeding, etc. if what is produced tastes bland or even worse?? I ended up with about 7 cantaloupe, several ears of corn, & a slew of tomatoes & cukes.

Will I attempt a veggie garden again? Probably. Will it be next spring? Most likely not, unless someone wants to come by & do all the digging & planting for me as I will be very large with child at that time.

I do think part of the issue was the area that I planted everything. It got full sun, but not for huge stretches during the day & from what I’ve been receiving in feedback from a few folks is that the bland tast & overall appearance of the veggies may have been because of not receiving enough of that yummy sunlight. SO, the next time a garden is planted, it will definitely be on the north side of the yard where there is the most sun during the day than any other part of the yard.

As for my flower bed, I’m so sick of it. Again, I think it’s a sun issue. If it’s not, then I may as well start believing my thumb isn’t even close to a shade of green! Most of the plants died off fairly quickly. There are still a few sprigs of color here & there but overall, I’m just tired of looking at the thing already. My guess is when I do get the itch & ability to do more planting in there, I’ll most likely go with various types of leafy ferns. Maybe some ferns have a flower of some sort? I just really enjoy having color in there.

Also, I’ll probably completely redo the sprinkler system, because that thing really annoyed me over the summer as well. I could never seem to really water certain areas of the bed while others would consistently flood. Obviously, I did not miss the calling to be an engineer….

I have no plans on changing the name of the blog even though I have no desire to do a winter garden of any kind. I’ll probably fill the pages with random musings from my day as they are quite interesting with my “PMS-ing” toddler around repeating “again, again” 3,000 times a day & the other 3,000 words he says are “watch movies??” over & over & over.

But truly, it is a joy & a pleasure to be home with the bubbs & all that our days entail!

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