It’s 11:13pm – I still have one more chance to wish my boy D a Happy 5th Birthday!

His birthday bash on Saturday is still looming in parts of the house. Deflated balloons scattered about. Far too many portions of chocolate cake in the fridge. The large TUB of sherbert ice cream in the freezer that somehow was forgotten about and did not get served with the chocolate cake. Birthday cards piled up, waiting for thank-you’s to be written.

I’m glad we had such a great day on Saturday because today was an emotional roller coaster. I should have expected it as Grandma and Grandpa had to leave first thing this morning. I kind of think I was more sad to see them go since I still needed to do the grocery shopping and it is a real treat (sarcasm there) to do any kind of shopping with both boys in the cart…

Thankfully D was able to spend some time in a friend’s pool while L and I picked up the groceries. D got some practice time in riding his scooter out on the back patio. I have no doubt he’ll be zooming down the sidewalks in no time and hopefully listening to me when I yell STOP!!

Happy Birthday, D! Once again I’m excited to think about all of the changes the next year will bring for you!