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Happy 100th!

logo-normalIs the Oreo one of your favorite cookies? If so, you have a great reason to pick up a package of those chocolate snacks because that scrumptious cookie turns 100 years old today!

While I do love Oreo’s, I love Grandma Clara even more. And guess what?


TODAY is HER 100th birthday too!

Hubs and I would love to be with her on this special day. While we aren’t able to celebrate with her, she’s getting a sweet little party in her honor from her friends and caretakers.

Grandma Clara is an amazing woman and continues to inspire me. She is a blessing to us.

Happy 100th, Grandma Clara!


Happy Birthday, Hubs!


To the man who chose to wrestle with his boys on a very early Sunday morning instead of taking the chance to sleep in on his special day, I love you.


To the man who has given his sons big shoes to fill but will be an encouragement to them all along the way, I love you.


To the man who leads his family with integrity and pride, I love you.


To the man who picked me to be his bride and chooses to love me every single day in the best way you know how ~

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y

Happy Birthday, Little Brother


I remember…


sharing a bedroom and listening to you snore while I tried to fall asleep


your teddy bear ~ I wonder where he’s gone to…


building forts in the living room, in the bedroom, anywhere that we could find


sleeping in the living room by the woodstove on Christmas Eve, excited to see what Santa would bring us in the morning


you driving me crazy with that big grin on your face during our epic-long car rides to Southern California…with no air conditioning

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P1050992It’s happened again. One of my children has zoomed past another year and is off and running to the adventures that a new year will bring!

L is TWO years old today! These first few years of a little guy’s life bring countless changes. Everything changes, from their looks to the sound of their voice; their little personality becomes a much bigger personality and their abilities continually impress you.

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39 and doing fine

6:30 am     Up and at ‘em! Time to get breakfast!

7:00am      Go potty, pick out your clothes, teeth brushed!

7:30am      Shoes, we need shoes! Jackets, good job guys!

7:40am      D, open the garage door! Everybody in the car!

7:50am      Wow, look at the airplane, mommy!

8:00am      Daddy, that’s a car transporter!

8:05am      Kisses, loves, I’ll miss you guys! Have fun with daddy!

8:06am      Kisses and loves to Hubbs – I love you so much!


a quiet waiting area
soft music playing overhead
a comfortable seat
Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte in hand
boarding pass to Vegas in my back pocket

And the birthday celebration continues…

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