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A goal accomplished

Let’s see…

On October 1st I committed to writing a blog post every day for an entire month. I wrote my first-ever blog post on July 10, 2008. I’ve got 230 blog posts under my belt thus far, but this October was the first time I had ever made a goal regarding my blogging efforts and thankfully, I accomplished my first blogging goal!

As I look back at October I’m not just surprised that I completed the goal, since most days seem unpredictable in my life (still) since having children. I’m actually shocked I completed the goal because a majority of October I felt like complete crud and my days were in more flux than they already typically are.

For the most part, the challenge to post every day was a positive experience. I enjoyed meeting up with some new bloggers, getting feedback from those I personally know and those I’ve met along the way, and I became increasingly thankful for the weekly photo challenges as I didn’t feel quite so “pressured” to have to get words on paper just to meet the daily quota.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Kids love finding secret, small places that quickly become their own little “world” for awhile. Whether it’s the cheap IKEA tent out in the backyard or the fort made of blankets in the living room on a rainy day, the excitement is so fun to watch as they scamper about, looking for ways to have an adventure in their “new” space.

This week’s challenge brought to mind this photo from a few weeks ago. We were visiting family in Grandma Mira’s backyard and L was having fun creating his own little hiding place with the lawn chair. I thought it was cute that he was just a few feet away from the other kids playing in the yard but I could tell he was in his own little world in that chair.


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