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It’s been nearly a year since my last Ridd Quicks; an update is highly overdue!!

~ 1 ~

P1090727Summer. For some reason I’m still stuck on Summer. I had so many great plans in the works for the boys and I, mostly with the help of a gazillion Pinterest ideas that would help me utilize my backyard with items like plastic sheeting, bed sheets or pool noodles. Tried the tent. It worked, sort of…but it didn’t help that it was HOT and the tent wasn’t entirely in the shade. Got some pool noodles, but all they ended up being used for was something the boys could hit each other with. The one thing that seemed the most successful was slime. I suggest white glue over clear glue, but either way, it’s still an activity that helps keep my guys busy at the kitchen table while I’m getting dinner ready.

~ 2 ~

P1100005So while we did have some fun over the summer, like a great camping trip with family in Oregon, it was also a very frustrating summer. I battled migraines throughout most of it and along with the migraines came fun things like nausea, vomiting, the works. I figured it was all due to the hormonal funk that I’ve been in for 2 years now. But I was getting the headaches so often that we decided to do further testing. Thankfully nothing was found to explain why I was suffering from them. I did begin to see a pattern in them, though. They would typically start in the overnight hours, which would mean there might be something in the house that was affecting me. Our 45-year-old house still had original windows in it and we thought there may be a level of toxic mold that was affecting me. All that to say, we got new windows! And so far, I’ve only had a few minor headaches, but nothing like the migraine or associated nausea.

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