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Snow, science and silence

It’s finally here. The end of March. The final days of a crazy-full month that I was sure would bring sickness to one of us by this time. I am happy to report that all 4 of us have weathered the month quite well, although 3 weeks of crazy followed up with a 9-hour car ride lent for one of our more “I can’t wait to get out of this car!” experiences yet!

We headed up to Oregon on Friday for a visit with my parents, which included playing in the remaining snow in the backyard the second the boys were released from their carseats.


The weather warmed up and the rain came and went. My mom and I took the boys to The Science Factory in Eugene. It was a “good effort” in terms of what they offered, but we didn’t think we would be bringing them back anytime soon. There were some interesting displays and it’s possible the boys just needed to be a bit older to really enjoy it much. It wasn’t as “hands on” as I was hoping for.

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The appetizer dinner

When you have more than two families who wish to spend a holiday together, then a little “give” rather than “take” needs to happen. In our case, Hubs’ brother and his family wished to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his wife’s family, so Friday night we celebrated an early Christmas Eve with them and other members of our family. The traditional Christmas Eve meal in Hubs’ family is fondue. Then on Saturday we celebrated Christmas Day with a traditional turkey dinner. Yum!

Since the grandparents were still in town on the real Christmas Day, we had them over to our home for a visit with the boys. However, nobody was interested in having a real “dinner” since we had just had meals aplenty for the last two day.

My answer: appetizers!


I prepared 5 different appetizers that fed 5 adults & 2 children and we still had a bit of leftovers, but not nearly as much as if I had put on a full dinner table for that many people. And I use the term “prepared” lightly when it came to 2 of the dishes!

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Our Summer Vacation: The Final Wrap-Up

IMG_3182Yes, it’s true. I’m still talking about our summer vacation and I figure I better tell the rest of the story before we get to next summer!

Let’s see, our first few days were spent in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Then we had a nice time visiting Grandma Clara in the quaint little town of Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Before we ended our trip, we were able to take a drive over to Whittemore, Iowa to spend the day with cousin Joe and his wife Judy. They are in their 70’s and they live in the same house that Judy was born and raised in.

I love visiting farms. I know they are immensely hard work. I know there is all kinds of bad weather to contend with (usually) with farm life. But I also know that I love seeing my boys on a farm. The wide open spaces, all kinds of things to explore, the wide open spaces…I’m not a farmer’s wife but I still have farm dreams for my family!


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The Vomit Chronicles

From a very young age, I can remember never taking issue with having to vomit. Whether it was spewing on the side of the road while walking home on a hot summer day with a frozen lemonade in a cup or having that sixth sense that my brother was gonna hurl in about 5 seconds while on vacation in someone else’s very borrowed, very new car, I just don’t mind it at all.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I heard a member of my family mention that they never upchuck in the toilet. Huh? This person said they puke in a bathtub or a sink. That made no sense to me then and as of tonight, I am still stuck to my ways. I’m a toilet girl, through and through!

Throwing up nearly always made me feel better, so why would I try to control all that’s going on in my gut and not let it be free? Not let it out?

Once I hit my college-age years, vomiting became a subject of interest. No, I wasn’t a big partier and the one time I intentionally got blasted drunk I didn’t even throw up the next day. Felt sicker than a dog all day and swore I would never do that again, but I did not puke. An episode of Seinfeld was about just that: vomit. Apparently Jerry had never thrown up in his entire life and he wasn’t about to start as an adult. Elaine, of course, thought that was the stupidest thing she had ever heard, which is pretty much what I would have said to him as well! I think the episode ended with Jerry finding a hair in something and that triggered his first visit to the toilet on his knees. I distinctly remember watching that episode and thinking, “There’s people out there who don’t throw up??”

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Battling the “crummies”

Call it what you want: the crud, the yuck, a jumpy tummy, a pounding headache.

Whatever I had last week has found me again and I spent most of the day with an ice bag on my temple, praying the boys wouldn’t destroy the house worse than it already was while I waited for whatever it is that continues to wreak a small amount of havoc in my well-laid plans for each day to finally LEAVE ME ALONE!

4:45pm rolled around and I had to call Hubs and tell him that, yes, I did recently shove the fridge full of wonderfully healthy and delicious food but that can he please pick up a few corndogs for the boys and whatever he’d like for himself because, once again, the chicken did not get cooked earlier that day that was intended for the chicken pot pie on tonight’s pre-planned menu.

And once again, I was thankful not just that I was married, but that my partner in life is “all in”, all the time, even when he is slammed at work, even though we were both up with a child at 3:30 this morning, even though he rolled out of bed at 5am because he knew he wasn’t going back to sleep, even though he’s had to care for the boys in the evening several nights in a row now for various reasons.

Not a hint of selfishness in his voice as I told him of my predicament. Once he was home, with corndogs in tow, I was relieved of my “motherly” duties that I could barely hold together and headed straight for a long, hot shower to soothe my jumpy tummy and achy head.

I do plan to get well. I do plan to carry on.

And I do it all the more because I have a small gaggle of people who depend on me, who need me, who love me at my worst times and who love to give hugs and kisses when it’s my sick time.


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