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To figure out what I wanted to capture for this challenge, I needed to phrase the word “Opportunity” into a sentence of some kind (must be that “language” side of my brain kicking in). So I thought of a few things like “If given the opportunity…” and “I had the opportunity to…” and finally “What gives you opportunity?”

That last sentence reminded me of the answer to a question I once asked of a boss of mine. “If one of your children wasn’t sure if they needed a college degree or not, what would you tell them?” His answer was simple. “A degree is simply a key. It unlocks doors you can not get through otherwise.”

Somehow that conversation with my boss led me to thinking about the unknown opportunities that are awaiting our newest “member” of my little family.


His name is Sergio. He lives with his 3 siblings and parents in Africa. I don’t know very much about Sergio right now, but I hope to get to know him and his family in the months and years to come. Sergio is our newest Compassion child we are supporting. He was “hand picked” by D last week after our Sunday church service. Our 1st Compassion child has been a part of Hubs’ life since he was a young boy and is now 20 years old. I had been wanting to include the boys in this type of decision for awhile and when the opportunity arose last week, I jumped on it.

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The hole in my perspective

I left something out of yesterday’s post in regards to being sick. Well, two things actually.

First is that I am not a “good” sick person. By that I mean, after about 4 hours, I’m ready to do myself in. Obviously not too seriously as I’m still here…but mentally, I’m done. I’m begging, pleading, crying out to God to end my “misery.” I’m mentally able to continue on in my illness because I know there will be an end to it, usually within the day if not sooner.

Just ask any of my former roommates (and there’s about 10 of them, so take your pick!) If the cold or the flu went longer than a day or two, I was fairly emphatic that I would forever be in this state of illness, regardless of how terribly unrealistic that view was. It was all about how I felt in the moment. I would be abundantly thankful that God had not chosen me to be one who dealt with chronic pain of any kind because I just could not see myself managing a life around something like that. I lived with friends who had chronic pains of one kind or another and I still do not know how they did it!

However, and this is the second thing I left out, Friday I experienced illness with a completely different perspective. I was still miserable, don’t get me wrong. But my thoughts went to far different places than they typically do. I could no longer allow myself to think that my world should end because of the pains in my gut or the pounding in my head.

That’s because of a woman named Rachel and a book called “The Hole in Our Gospel”.

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When Momma got sick

As many of you reading this know, when Momma is sick, “life” in the home gets a little crazy.

Some sick days aren’t so bad for me when Hubs is able to stay home with the kids. However, this past Friday he needed to be at work.


I had some kind of nasty stomach bug mixed in with a vicious headache that would not let up. I didn’t take any meds for the headache since I knew it would be “coming up” shortly thereafter. I knew it would be good for me to eat, but of course, who wants to do that when things are so unstable in the tummy?

Thankfully Hubs was able to stay home in the morning until D needed to get to school, so at least I didn’t have to rustle up the ability to NOT heave in the car while driving my two precious guys around town. That left me alone with L who is, apparently, very sensitive to the sounds of Momma getting sick.

Not 30 minutes went by once Hubs and D stepped out the door when I needed to visit “the loo.” I chose to keep the baby gate up in our bedroom doorway so L wouldn’t see what the heck I was doing.

Big mistake.

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Our Summer Vacation: Part II

After spending 2 days in the lovely state of Wisconsin, it was time to head over to Minnesota. This is where we would spend the bulk of our time in the Midwest and thankfully the weather was absolutely perfect, considering it was August. I was fully prepared to suffer through a hot, sticky week just so my boys could spend a few hours with their beloved Grandma Clara. It would be well worth it.

P1030521In Wisconsin I introduced you to Grandma Mira, who recently turned 92. That’s the same age that Grandma Clara happened to be the winter she had a severe stroke. Up until that time she lived on her own in a 2-story home across the street from the John Deere tractor supply company that her only husband of 5 years used to operate. They married when Clara was in her 50’s and had 5 good years before Ed died of a heart attack.

Clara is Hubs’ great-aunt, but she’s always been known as Grandma Clara to us. She is 99 years young, still wears her darling wedding ring and remembers to send birthday cards. She is an amazing woman and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

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If you’re new to this blog in the last day or two, you might want to start with the first installment of this 3-part series of posts. I started with The Media Dilemma, then followed that with media in the home being a Work in Progress for us.

I ended the last media-related post mentioning that Hubs and I had an eye-opening, or rather brain-opening evening hearing from Kim John Payne. I have not read Simplicity Parenting…yet. However, I have spent several years around a few parents who have either read the book or others like it and who are far more “unplugged” than even we are at this stage. The children from these families do not see screens in the home, at all. No computer access, no TV access, no phones or tablets for them to play on.

None of that really had a huge impact on me because parenting is a lot of “to each his own” unless you plan to “follow” a friend’s lead on every single decision. I admired them for their tenacity in keeping up the commitment, but that was about it.

Once I became more aware of what Sensory Processing Disorder really is and how my child struggles with it at some level is when I felt I should begin to think about that type of “home life” a little more seriously. I certainly could argue that screens, most especially the television screen, should be limited to young children if for no other reason than the commercials and the content of the various shows. Most of my mom-friends were in agreement about which cartoons were off-limits, for example.

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