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The appetizer dinner

When you have more than two families who wish to spend a holiday together, then a little “give” rather than “take” needs to happen. In our case, Hubs’ brother and his family wished to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his wife’s family, so Friday night we celebrated an early Christmas Eve with them and other members of our family. The traditional Christmas Eve meal in Hubs’ family is fondue. Then on Saturday we celebrated Christmas Day with a traditional turkey dinner. Yum!

Since the grandparents were still in town on the real Christmas Day, we had them over to our home for a visit with the boys. However, nobody was interested in having a real “dinner” since we had just had meals aplenty for the last two day.

My answer: appetizers!


I prepared 5 different appetizers that fed 5 adults & 2 children and we still had a bit of leftovers, but not nearly as much as if I had put on a full dinner table for that many people. And I use the term “prepared” lightly when it came to 2 of the dishes!

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celtic shamrockI couldn’t possibly post a recipe handed down from my mother-in-law without also posting a recipe from my own mother, one of the best cooks on the face of this planet! Growing up, there were several family traditions that centered around food and St. Patrick’s Day was definitely one of them. There would always be a heaping plate of corned beef, cabbage, a few other veggies and Irish soda bread. I’m not sure when Mom started this tradition, but I’ve enjoyed it ever since!

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