IMG_3008When it comes to the words “family vacation”, I’ve always wondered why “vacation” is used, at least, when the “family” involves children under the age of five.

Vacations before kids came along had a completely different meaning to me. Relaxation, exotic destinations, adventures with friends. Vacations with children includes only one of those words: adventure. Forget about relaxing, absolutely nothing comes remotely close to “exotic” and destinations nearly always involve family. Nothing wrong with that, at all, just…not exactly vacation-like.

This year’s “family vacation” was a step towards becoming more like a vacation than at any other time since D was born. Not sure if it’s because we met family we had never met before, went to a state that we’d never been to before, or because it involved the Mall of America.

Whatever the reason, when we were saying our Good-Bye’s with the family we were traveling with, we all agreed that this time around, our trip really did feel a little more like a vacation, the kind of vacation you actually have fun on!

We had been to Minnesota to visit family a few years back. This was D’s third trip to the Midwest and the first time for L. Both Hubs and I were quite impressed with how well the boys did on the plane ride to Minneapolis. I was thankful for the invention of the portable DVD player and Hubs was thankful we could all sit in the same row. Happiness from the get-go!

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