…there’s most likely a nest.

Or, at least a critter in the midst of making a nest.

Let’s back up a bit, shall we?

About a week ago, Hubs mentioned that while locking up the house for the night he heard some scritching and scratching in the garage; then he saw a large rat (like, over a foot long LARGE rat) traipse over some shelving we have and skittered out of the garage by squeezing himself under our storm door.

“Ew”, I thought. But rats are outdoor creatures and maybe it was a cold night and the poor thing needed a warm place to hide out until Spring comes. Whatever.

This morning, as we were buckling up the boys on our way out the door for church, D asked, “What’s that?” Next to L’s car seat was what looked like lint of some sort. “Oh, it’s just dirt,” I said, not really paying much attention. Then I looked at it and kind of thought, “That’s weird.” Hubs looked at that point and then I saw what looked like stuffing of some sort on the floor of the car below L’s seat.

“Huh…that was not there yesterday,” I said.

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