I’m tired. It got hot. School’s out. It’s Saturday. The littlest still isn’t sleeping.

I’m tired.

Life’s pace just keeps getting quicker and time keeps getting shorter!

I’ve been sweating more but in a good way, since I’m back to getting my hormones balanced – at least for now. (Thank you, Arbonne!)

I have been weeding, amending soil with my compost, planting various flowers, sown wildflower seeds and watered, watered, watered several times a day, every day, for the past 8 weeks or so.


The front yard is showing amazing signs of growth after all my toil and labor. I had no idea wildflowers could get so tall! I’m eager to see how they will do when winter comes. If they die off completely, then I’m back to square one next Spring with that area of the front yard. I’m really hoping they’ll lie dormant then grow back even stronger next year, which means I’ll be covering other large areas of dirt and weeds on the property with wildflower seeds!


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