It’s October 22nd.

It’s been 22 days straight of posting a thought or two.

About half-way through the month, I was pretty much sick of my own “voice.”

If I post a few photos with captions and a sentence or two of descriptions, is that really helping me hone my writing skills? What’s the point otherwise?

I don’t like feeling like I have a “job” to do at the end of each night when I realize I still need to post something. I think quality is more important over quantity when others are reading your work. It’s not like this is my personal journal or something; it’s more like a virtual scrapbook of sorts.

The upside of sticking with the “goal” of 31 blogs posts in 31 days is that I have enjoyed “meeting” other bloggers out there in the web world. There’s a few blogs I’ll be visiting on a regular basis that I didn’t know about before this little venture.

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