IMG_1936About 3 times a year we travel to visit my in-laws for a few days. To make it easy on everyone, we all typically eat out for dinner, except on the first night of our stay. It’s been a long drive and everyone’s a bit tired, so my mother-in-law, Jane, makes a simple dinner in. Sometimes it’s lasagna, other times it’s pizza. The last few times we’ve been down she made us chicken soup, probably because of how much I rave about how yummy it is! I finally remembered to ask her for the recipe and I’ve since made it several times.

It is delish.

The whole chicken is by far one the thriftiest purchase you can make at the grocery store. Why? You can get:

  • 3 dinners made from one 5 pound bird, or
  • 2 dinners and at least 6 cups of homemade chicken broth, or
  • 6 cups of shredded chicken meat that will yield at least 3 dinners

Either way, buying a whole chicken is thrifty goodness that comes straight out of your kitchen.

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