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Were you able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with your loving family this year? Me too! While we had a nice handful of guests in our home that day, it’s nothing compared to having to plan for 20 or more people for a special occasion. I came across this very true letter sent from the host of a Thanksgiving dinner to the guests in attendance and I find it absolutely hilarious. I know planning a gathering takes a lot of effort and coordination on everyone’s part, but I hope I don’t get to the “Marney Level” of OCD if our family gets any bigger than it is!! I think my favorite part of the letter is her last line, like she’s actually looking forward to spending it with those she is addressing in her letter, even though it’s obvious she thinks they don’t have a clue about how to do family gatherings. Priceless!!

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I have a problem with organizing. I can get organized, no problem. But for some reason I can not stay organized. Take for instance my kitchen counter. No matter what I do to organize, no matter how frequently I go through the papers, it always ends up looking like this within hours of my efforts:


And that actually looks better than usual! Papers, magazines, receipts and everything in between collects right there. All it makes me want to do is AVOID it. Since the pile is on the kitchen counter, my kitchen is the last thing to get cleaned in my house! Then I came across this blog post recently and I actually got giddy at the thought of a kitchen counter with nothing on it.

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