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To figure out what I wanted to capture for this challenge, I needed to phrase the word “Opportunity” into a sentence of some kind (must be that “language” side of my brain kicking in). So I thought of a few things like “If given the opportunity…” and “I had the opportunity to…” and finally “What gives you opportunity?”

That last sentence reminded me of the answer to a question I once asked of a boss of mine. “If one of your children wasn’t sure if they needed a college degree or not, what would you tell them?” His answer was simple. “A degree is simply a key. It unlocks doors you can not get through otherwise.”

Somehow that conversation with my boss led me to thinking about the unknown opportunities that are awaiting our newest “member” of my little family.


His name is Sergio. He lives with his 3 siblings and parents in Africa. I don’t know very much about Sergio right now, but I hope to get to know him and his family in the months and years to come. Sergio is our newest Compassion child we are supporting. He was “hand picked” by D last week after our Sunday church service. Our 1st Compassion child has been a part of Hubs’ life since he was a young boy and is now 20 years old. I had been wanting to include the boys in this type of decision for awhile and when the opportunity arose last week, I jumped on it.

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IHF ~ Tickled Pink

When I saw the photo challenge this week included the word “pink” I almost wrote it off. There is not a shred of pink to be found in my house, let alone any kind of pink that could be considered “tickled.”

But this little girl was at the farm we visited yesterday as part of a school field trip and I grabbed a few snaps of her as she fed a baby goat.

Cute? Yep. Pink? Got it. Tickled? You decide.



Photo Challenges & Photography Tutorials

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is a photo interpretation of “possibility.” The first place my mind went to was our engagement day. Hubs picked me up at my condo in the early afternoon on a spring day in 2004. He gave me a card that contained a riddle. That led to another location with another card and riddle. Eventually we up at Lake Las Vegas to take a walk on the bridge and that’s when he got down on one knee and proposed.

Saying “yes” to my wonderful man opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.


IHF ~ Hands


My friend Bethany  led me to the website IHeartFaces. Every week they have a photo challenge and this week I realized I had something to submit! The photo challenge did not have to include a face, something I try to avoid showing on this blog, but instead it is all about hands.

I used this photo in a previous post but oh well – it shows hands in a creative way and I get to enter the challenge!!

Photo Challenges & Photography Tutorials

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