At first I thought I hadn’t heard him right. It was nearly 11:00 at night. My brain was on overload anyways from all the activities of the week, the challenges, the headaches I had been battling every morning.

Hubs explained it again.

D was on the swing like usual, on his tummy, dragging his feet. Hubs asked him if he wanted to sit on his bottom and try swinging sitting up.

Then he did it.

D sat on the swing then began swinging, even allowing Hubs to push him several times. Without touching his feet to the ground. On a regular swing, no handle bars, no special seat. A real, genuine swing. And he seemed to enjoy it!

My first thought was: I can’t believe I wasn’t there for that!!

My second thought was: Whoa – that’s a little freaky.

Let me back up a bit.

Back in May of this year, we started down a path of trying to determine what makes D “tick”, as some of his behaviors over the years have been described to us as “autistic-like” or “unusual” by those far more experienced with child development than Hubs and I.

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