It’s the 5th of March. Already. Nearly the 1st week is down and I’ve still got the February page on our desk calendar to remove.

The calendar I’m using in my attempt to stay on top of life continues to evolve. I’ve gone from using pen to using pencil as things keep shifting. Meals planned, days at the park, days with friends. All continuously shifting.

Undoubtedly this is the busiest month my little family and I have had for quite some time. I would say we are busier than even during those crazy holiday weeks.

Here’s the rundown from March 1st to March 31st:

  • 14 appointments that I and/or one of my children have to be at
  • 2 days that I’m out of town
  • 4 days that Hubs is out of town
  • 4 days that we’re ALL out of town

To add to the mix, D is starting a new therapy called Eurythmy this month (that’s 3 of the 14 appointments we have scheduled). He’ll be going once a week and I’m quite anxious to learn more about it and see how it will benefit D over time.

The best part of this month is that Hubs and I will be spending 3 solid days with just each other, at our house, doing some spring house projects while my parents are tending to the boys’ every need. Bliss! The project list is quite extensive and I know we won’t accomplish everything, but I am really looking forward to some of the “before” and “after” shots as well as the 4 GLORIOUS mornings that we’ll be waking in our own bed at whatever time we so desire.

Because of the crazy calendar this month, I have resumed completing a monthly meal plan. We still do “breakfast Wednesday’s” every week, which means it’s pancakes and bacon one week, then it’s waffles and sausage the next week. Predictable, cheap and the kids always clean their plates!!

Here are the other meals I have planned and links to recipes you can find online. (Anything noted as “TJ’s” stand for Trader Joe’s. My condolences if you do not live in close proximity to a TJ’s!!)

Split Pea Soup w/crunchy bread & sliced fruit (tried a crockpot recipe from a friend and it turned out wonderful!

Beef Stroganoff (this is my mother-in-law’s recipe and it’s the one meal in the kitchen that Hubs makes – it tastes better when he makes it for some reason!)

Baked Chicken w/steamed broccoli and boiled red potatoes

Roast Eggplant Caponata w/rolls and fruit

Golden Baked Pork Cutlets w/veggie and bread

Chicken Noodle Soup w/crunchy bread and fruit

Taco’s and fruit slices

TJ’s Orange Chicken w/rice and fruit

Spaghetti, bread and green salad

Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup (this is when Hubs is out of town, which means I get to indulge in the meals he doesn’t like!)

Spinach Manicotti w/bread and salad

Savory Puff Pastry Bites w/corn and fruit

Italian Sausage Soup w/crunchy bread (and lots of fresh Parmesan!!)

TJ’s Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/fruit and chips

Grilled Hot Dogs w/fruit and chips

If you would like a recipe, please email me at gardengal08(at)gmail(dot)com

Happy March! Let the craziness begin!