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A Parenting PSA

I learned 8 things in 3 minutes today.

If you are a parent of children under the age of 5, or you have children in your midst under the age of 5, or you know someone with children under the age of 5, then this information may be helpful for you to learn as well.

1. Always keep a safety gate to keep little ones away from an area where you store medicine.

2. A 24-lb. two-year-old child does not need to be rushed to the emergency room if he has consumed 6 birth control pills. He may have a puke incident once or twice a few hours later, but no major harm done.

3. Post your local poison control number in an easy-to-find place in your home. Better yet, put it on speed dial on your cell phone.

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You know the feeling of being so excited to go somewhere, see something new, have good conversation, the kids will be happy, they’ll meet some new play pals, the coffee will be yummy, the sun is shining, the car is working, the sleep was bad, the morning was early (again), the older one is melting down, the cough is strong, the nose is running with a tissue not far behind, the kids are screaming, the tears are flowing, the kids are tearing apart library books, the kids know only how to disobey, the sun is still shining, the yelling has started, the “mommy monster” has arrived, the little one refuses to let me take his pj’s off (again), the phone calls have started, the discouragement has set in, the videos are quickly being destroyed, the chicken soup has been started, the final decision has been made, the wishful thinking has begun, the fight to feel hopeless or angry is creeping in at every angle, the request has been made for doing “art” and the lightbulb goes off in your head because 5 hours of being awake has finally led to something peaceful…for 10 minutes anyways?

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Got beans?

clip_image002You know those pictures in magazines of mothers cooking something while their kids are smiling, wearing clean clothes, laughing with each other, doing some kind of craft or coloring or reading? The sun is shining through the big fat windows in the house and you can almost hear the melodious sounds abounding from the experience – sounds that make the meal even more tastier than it smells while it’s cooking. The mother is smiling, of course, because her sweet little cherubs are delighting her very soul while she is crafting, creating, exploring, providing – all in one simple act of cooking a meal.

Um, yeah, that’s NOT what it’s like in my house.

Got the sweet little cherubs. Got the kitchen to cook in. Got the smells of delicious food wafting through the house. But that’s about it.

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Library adventures

Books are treasures, most of the time. Especially library books. I know I spent a lot of time in the public library as a child, but I only have a few vivid memories of those times. One of my memories involves the beloved story time hour, always a favorite. Another one includes the fun of digging through all the books, looking for the ones I liked most. But the most concrete memory I have of the public library in the town I grew up in involves the library bathroom. There I was, just minding my own business, when someone decided to turn the lights out. Yep – me, in pitch blackness, wondering what the heck I was supposed to do! I can’t remember how long I waited, but I remember I wasn’t very adventurous since I just stayed in there, crying probably, until someone came in and turned the light back on.

Because the majority of my library memories were positive ones, thankfully, it was with anticipation and excitement when I brought my firstborn to story time at our public library. Oh what FUN to be amongst other mommies and their little ones, watching my little guy (8 months at the time) as he took in the words being read from the big, bright pages. It felt almost like a responsibility of mine as a mommy, introducing the ways of the public library to my son.

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How to quiet a fussy toddler

Next time you’re desperately trying to get dinner started (or finished for that matter) and your littlest is screeching at you, begging to be held, try giving him a straw.



The magic never fails for my little guy. NEVER!!


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