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2012 W.O.T.Y.

It started with “Organize.” But that sounded too task-oriented.

Then it shifted to “Focus” which later became “Diligent.“ Nah, too harsh and I would easily have plenty of moments in the year that I could not focus on being diligent!

“Mindful” followed soon after, but that sounded too similar to last year’s WOTY, “Purposeful.”

I finally stopped thinking about choosing only one word for a few days and instead centered my mind on the purpose of the word I was choosing.

I knew that the words I had been considering were all necessary for what I desire for the year to come.

I do need to get organized, or at least come up with a way to stay organized. Now that D is in school, there are a lot more things to keep track of. There are therapy appointments to schedule and plan for, fundraisers, preschool plans for D. I have doctor appointments to schedule as I enter into the world of hormone replacement therapy (joy). More importantly, there is an incredible amount of information that I am going to need at a moment’s notice if this is the year that we’ll receive our first foster child placement. I can screw up my own kid’s schedules and not sweat it too much, but I need to be on the ball big-time when things like visitations and doctor appointments come about for the child placed in our care.

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Ridd Quicks vol. 11

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Hello. It’s nearly the end of April. Are you as bewildered about that as I am?? Let’s get on with things, shall we?

~ 1 ~

As much as I’d like to think I’ve finally overcome it, I still, evidently, have issues with contentment. I’ve changed my blog look – again. But it’s free, it’s fun, and since I can’t change the color of my house (yet) then I might as well change something!

~ 2 ~

I haven’t forgotten about being Purposeful, even if the days seem to be screaming by me as sunny, then cold, then windy, then warm. I have been on the hunt for a wooden Advent calendar to help the boys gain anticipation for celebrating Jesus’ birth beginning December 1st. Last year I started looking at Thanksgiving time…yeah, not so smart. I figured the prices would be much more reasonable the further you ordered one from December. Hah! They still run anywhere from $50 to $200. As pleased with myself as I am that I’m actually planning ahead this year, I’m still having a tough time swallowing spending $50 or more for a piece of wood with 24 doors carved out of it. Continue reading

Purposeful living

Resolved to do something; having a definite purpose in view

Intentional     Consider     Planned     Persist     Steadfast     Fixed     Meditated     Deliberate     Unwavering

January 1, 2010 I chose Contentment for my Word of the Year. When I chose that word, I was feeling thankful for the many blessings in my life but I was still finding myself “itching” for more. Translation: I had discontent in my life and I longed to be at peace, regardless of my circumstances – positive or negative.

Last year was the first time I had ever chosen a specific word as a “goal” of sorts and I really didn’t know what to expect from it. New Year’s resolutions in general haven’t really played a significant role in my life, BUT growing, changing, and challenging myself has. The discontent subsided over the year, and for that I am thankful.

“Purposeful” came to my mind back in November and I’ve just kind of chewed on it for awhile, letting it simmer while not really putting much thought into what a purposeful day would look like compared to what I already do.

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Contentment challenged

At the start of the year I decided to choose a word that I would try to remember and apply in my life throughout 2010. I chose CONTENTMENT. If you would like to know why you can read about it here.

January was fantastic for me in the area of contentment. No longer did I feel the “blues” from yesteryear about my life in general. I was a new woman. A new perspective. Great things happened in January – GREAT THINGS. I even launched myself into a new routine in my mornings, hopeful that it could become habit.

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