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Sick days

Want to know what makes a sick day easy on everybody?


Being sick the same day the next door neighbor decides to cut down all the trees in their backyard! Beginning at 7:30 this morning huge tree limbs have been falling, men are cutting back the oleander bushes, and loud noises of all kinds have been keeping the boys preoccupied at our kitchen window.

D has bronchitis, which is the sickest he’s ever been in his little life, thankfully. I know he hasn’t felt well the last few days but he has been such a good little patient, taking his naps when he needs more rest, going to bed earlier than usual, taking his meds when needed.


Having the tree service next door has been like a small gift of sorts for the boys and it’s given me some actual time to get caught up on a few things at home…while they’re still awake!

Cream of Wheat for breakfast, hot chocolate and Trader Joe’s Mini Candy Cane Cookies for snack and a good supply of hot tea with lemon and milk for D’s sore throat has also helped tremendously. That and a few puzzles I’ve kept stashed in the spare room for days such as these.

I’m hoping the fever is gone tomorrow so D can get back to school. Otherwise I may have to break out the “rainy day” toys I’ve been hiding!


English Breakfast Hot Chocolate time

“Mom, I think it’s a good afternoon to have some hot chocolate.”

I love it when I can wholeheartedly say “Yes! I think that’s a great idea!” to my boys.


It was a colder than usual afternoon. The skies looked like they might bring us some rain. Yes, a perfect day for hot chocolate…and a cup of English Breakfast tea for myself!


I have no doubt that we will be sharing our hot cups of yumminess many afternoons this winter.


First time behind the wheel

My son D is the one driving in the picture. He’s driving an electric ride-on “car” that his cousin B got for her birthday. They’re in my brother’s backyard with his cousin S along for the ride.

I was actually impressed at how well he did. I mean, it’s not like he has ever had an opportunity to push a “gas” pedal and steer at the same time…and while there were a few incidences of crashing into things like the slide and small trees, he zipped around that backyard like it was the most natural thing for him to do.

And he loved every minute of it.



L loves to make sure that everyone in his vicinity is aware of an airplane in the sky. He always points his finger, always shouts out “Airplane!!” and always has the excitement of seeing one for the very first time.

I love L’s enthusiasm, his authentic joy at the little things in life.

I hope these qualities only grow stronger in him throughout his life.


Buzz buzz


D’s hair is looking “teddy bearish” again and I keep sweeping L’s hair out of his eyes. I can tell it’s been about a month since their last haircut. Our monthly tradition of getting haircuts continues to be one of my favorite parts of living in a smaller(er) town.

D has been going to Rocky since the day before his 2nd birthday, which also happened to be the last day that his momma touched his locks with a pair of scissors. We were leaving for Santa Maria the following morning and D desperately needed a haircut. He was also ready for a nap, so I thought I would speed things up a bit and use Hubs’ clippers for the back of D’s head instead of the scissors.

I got him all situated on our back porch, made sure the dial was set to the right number, then began clipping. After two swipes with the clippers I knew something wasn’t right…then it hit me. I had forgotten to put the guard on the clippers. Yep, I pretty much “skinned” my kids’ head to the skull; there was no way I could hide that or even come close to fixing it.

I found Rocky at a family barber shop downtown and got the bad news: it would ALL have to come off. My sweet baby boy, who has straight-as-a-bone hair, would soon have more hair on his arms than he would on his head. Within minutes he looked like a “boy” and no longer my “baby”.

I learned my lesson. $24 at the barber shop equals a lot less stress on me and it has taught my children patience as well as a friendly relationship with Rocky. L has sat in her chair since he turned a year old. About a year ago Rocky ventured out and started her own barbershop, where she employs 2 other gals who can wield a pair of clippers like nobody’s business.

As long as we live here, we’ll be seeing Rocky at least every 4 to 5 weeks. I love supporting her business and I love that my boys don’t look like their momma cuts their hair!

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