During my flight home from the great state of Oklahoma, I decided I’d listen to some tunes rather than read from a book. This is when I rediscovered a few artists I rarely get to listen to because I’m either listening to children’s songs or to road travel songs that both the hubby and I can enjoy together!

First up, Madeleine Peyroux.

The first time I heard the lilting voice of Madeleine was in a Vegas Starbucks coffee shop. Her CD Careless Love was one of their choices on display and the barista asked if it was annoying or enjoyable to those of us standing in line. I was shocked he could even ask such a question! It was absolutely enjoyable to me, though now I can understand his question a bit better as I can’t play her songs for too long when Hubs is in the car.

This was the song that was playing that morning. I bought the CD then and there.



Now, while stand up comedians can’t be classified as songs, they most certainly can be classified as Ear Candy. Most comedians venture into foul language or subjects I’d not rather not hear about, so when I find one that is both funny and relatively clean, then I’m all ears! This is one reason I have a strong affinity for Jerry Seinfeld. He can be hilarious without putting people down or filling up his monologue with crass words.

Here’s a few clips from his CD King Baby that get me belly laughing each and every time I come across them on my iPod. I hope they give you a good chuckle as well!