I have only used WordPress as a blog platform (I’m assuming that’s the right word – blogging terms are still frustratingly new to me!). But many of my blogging friends use Blogger. I’m sure there are other FREE blog formats out there, but those are the two I see used the most. I’m interested in Typepad, but it’s only a free trial and I’m still not sure I want to be dishing out any cash just to post my thoughts online – yet.

I’m curious to know people’s opinions about the particular blog format you use.

Mainly, things like:

  • Do you consider it easy or challenging to edit your text? (Is it easy to format things like numbered lists, bullets, different sizes of text, etc.)
  • When you add a picture or graphic and it doesn’t look the way you want it to (size, placement, the way the text fits around the pic, etc.) do you get frustrated or is all of that an easy, simple fix?
  • Is it easy to understand the “behind the scenes” stuff about your blog?

You can email me your thoughts or put it in a comment. I’m just frustrated with WordPress and I consider myself pretty efficient with word processing in general. To me, WordPress (the free side of it anyways) doesn’t seem to be very accommodating in regards to formatting a post. I don’t know “code”, so maybe that’s my problem. Just curious if Blogger might be an easier format for me to understand.