Even though I threw a bunch of dead leaves, weeds and other “greens” into a pile the other day, it doesn’t mean the compost had actually begun.

Tonight begins the true test on whether or not this little deal is gonna work for me. I collected fruit & veggie scraps for the past few days and tonight I tossed them into the pile. Did a few turns with the pitchfork to make sure the food was buried enough. And now I wait.

Supposedly I won’t have to do much with it except turn it a few times once or twice a week. But I’m a little skeptical about raw food being in the outdoors. I realize we’re not exactly in “bear country” or anything like that. But still…there’s a number of roaming cats in the neighborhood and I’m sure there are varmints who would love to nibble at this stuff.

I’m also a little worried about the smell factor. Not for us, as the location is in the far corner of our property, but more for my neighbors. No one’s house is directly next to the pile – all 3 corners are the back ends of the yards. But if the wind blows….I’m just wondering what that’s gonna be like in 100+ degree weather in a month or two!

But for now, it’s fun to feel like I’m a little scientist, trying my hand at something I’ve never done before, learning along the way. I’m hoping to get the chicken wire barrier built around the pile in the next day or two. Then I’ll probably feel a bit better about large animals roaming onto the property in search of food scraps!

carrot seedlings

Oh and see those little green shoots? Those are my carrot seeds sprouting up – it worked! All 3 of my potted seeds are sprouting. I feel like a proud mama all over again!