Just in case you weren’t sure, here’s a few pieces of evidence that you may have a toddler in your midst…

toilet seat lock: My little guy looooves to splash in water - any kind of water - anywhere!

the reading corner: I love that, even in our little home, we were able to find a spot to fit nearly all of the boys' books in one place. I love that they have a designated space just for reading. But the wee one, he just looooves to take aaaaallll the books and eat, toss, eat, rip, eat, play with the books.




child safety lock: My mother-in-law (whom I love very much!) likes to tell me that her 2 boys never got into drawers, cabinets, etc. when they were little. Somehow, both of my boys didn't receive that particular tendency from their dad. Thus, the locks are everywhere.


toilet paper: um, yeah, I don't think this one needs any explaining...


safety gate: far and above, this is the one toddler item I will be glad to be done with when the wee one comes of age! For the first 2 years of Bubb's life we were in a 2-story home. I lost count how many times I nearly killed, injured, or maimed myself and Bubbs while traipsing over these blasted gates. Even in our single-story home, I'm still "crashing" into & over them. They are necessary, but I still can't stand them.