I’m tired. It got hot. School’s out. It’s Saturday. The littlest still isn’t sleeping.

I’m tired.

Life’s pace just keeps getting quicker and time keeps getting shorter!

I’ve been sweating more but in a good way, since I’m back to getting my hormones balanced – at least for now. (Thank you, Arbonne!)

I have been weeding, amending soil with my compost, planting various flowers, sown wildflower seeds and watered, watered, watered several times a day, every day, for the past 8 weeks or so.


The front yard is showing amazing signs of growth after all my toil and labor. I had no idea wildflowers could get so tall! I’m eager to see how they will do when winter comes. If they die off completely, then I’m back to square one next Spring with that area of the front yard. I’m really hoping they’ll lie dormant then grow back even stronger next year, which means I’ll be covering other large areas of dirt and weeds on the property with wildflower seeds!


The large pots have been pulled out from the shed and are now bursting with 3 different tomato plants, 2 types of beans, and various porch plants. Growing beans is new for me and I’m already needing to find a better way to let one of them grow since they’ve done such a great job of climbing my tiny little pole. Costco was selling blueberry bushes, which I had no idea that’s how blueberries grew. So of course I had to get one since the boys eat blueberries year-round and they are most definitely not cheap. Another friend recommended a second bush as they will pollinate and grow more berries that way. So now I’ve got 2 blueberry bushes started in the ground.



I’ve got various plants on the porch that are doing tremendously well considering how little sun I get on my covered porch. My hosta plant now has cute little flowers on it, the begonias are doing beautifully, I LOVE the fuchsia plant and the impatiens was made for pots on the porch.




The other day I noticed a few “bonus” plants amidst the wildflowers: 2 veggie plants! We’re not quite sure what they are – some type of squash we’re guessing. But the shape is looking more like a watermelon…a fun surprise!


Last but not least I finally finished up the front patio bed after ripping out the ugly bushes that lived in there for ages. New soil, new mulch, new plants – star jasmine and Wheeler’s dwarf mock orange (pittosporum). Both plants will eventually fill in nicely, bloom flowers, and the jasmine will drape over the brick. Add to all that a new drip system, complete with a timer and a fixed pvc pipe that I fixed by myself…after I broke it by myself!


So, I water. I weed. Water. Weed. Wait.

And smile.

That’s how our summer has started. How about yours?